How to earn USDT on Milione

You can earn USDT in Milione in 2 ways:

Pledging MAP to earn USDT interest. The current daily interest rate is 6%, which means that if you pledge 1000 MAP today, you can earn 60 MAP valued USDT today.

You can earn by inviting your friends

you can get 60% of the interest of your direct invite, you can get 20% of your indirect invite 2 , and 40% of your indirect invite 3.

this is amazing by invite friends to earn USDT.

Let’s me show you how to join Milone

Milione is an earning USD machine DApp by pledging MAP in it to earn USD and you can invite friends to earn more money. You can pledge MAP in Milione to earn USD. The system calculates the return on assets daily and returns 100% of the proceeds to your account the next day. The pledged assets need to be pledged for 24 hours before they can earn income.

New users will get 1000 MAP pledge trial fund, and you will get 500 MAP pledge trial fund by 1 referral. The pledge trial fund expiration period is 5 days.

Invite friends to join MarcoPay, if your friend pledges MAP. You can get 60% pledged income from the first level invitation, 20% from the second level invitation, and 40% from the third level invitation. Your pledge amount is less than your friend’s pledge amount, and you can only get a return equivalent to your pledge amount. For example, if you pledge 5,000 MAP and invite a friend to pledge 10,000 MAP, and the yield is 2% yesterday, you can get a USDT invitation reward equivalent to 5000 * 2% = 100 MAP. If you pledge another 5,000 MAP the next day, you can get the equivalent of 10,000 * 2% = 200 MAP Valued USDT invitation reward

Picture guidance

Download the latest version of MarcoPay:, Click Milione

You can see the following data

a. Yesterday’s daily interest rate is 6.1 %

b. My MAP pledge amount and my USDT earned

c. Yesterday’s interest

d. Click the blue button to Pledge MAP

Click ‘Pledge’ and enter your pledge MAP amount, then confirm

Note: If you do not have MAP in MarcoPay, you can buy MAP on Kucoin or MarcoPay》Instant Exchange.

You can click ‘My pledge’ to check your MAP Pledge

Click on the number behind ‘my invite’. You can see the friends you invited, and the income you earn by invite friends.

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· MarcoPolo Protocol GitHub (Complete MarcoPolo Protocol project codes)

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The Omnichain Network for An Interoperable Web3

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MAP Protocol

The Omnichain Network for An Interoperable Web3

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