How to Participate in Milione DeFi and earn “MAP”

MAP Protocol
3 min readMar 30, 2021

Milione is a defi product of map protocol. Everyone who has MAP token

can participate in Milione,and earn “MAP”.

Notice: you should have enough ETH for gas fee in your wallet address.

1. Use MetaMask to participate in Milione

1) Connect Milione to MetaMask wallet

a. Select browser

MetaMask browser now supports browsers such as chrome and Firefox

b. Download and Install MetaMask

MetaMask download link

c. Install and Create a Wallet

2) Participate in Milione

a. Open the Milione web version and click on the “Connect Wallet” to connect to MetaMask wallet.

Click Next to authorize

After the connection is successful, the wallet address will be displayed in the upper right corner of the web page, as shown in the figure:

b. Stake MAP token

Click “Open” and you will be redirected to the staking page.

[Red box] Your Balance: the number of MAP tokens in the wallet

[Yellow box] Currently Staked: The number of MAPs currently being steking

[Blue box] Rewards Available: MAP rewards obtained by staking

Click “Stake Tokens” to start mining.

Enter the staking amount, and then click Approve to start staking.

c. Withdrawal

Unstake Tokens: The pledged balance will be moved to the wallet and will be displayed in “Your Balance”.

Claim Rewards: The MAP obtained by mining will be directly mentioned in the wallet.

Exit: Claim and Unstake: Withdraw rewards and cancel the mortgage of tokens. The pledged balance and rewards will be mentioned in the wallet at the same time and displayed in “Your Balance”.

2. Use Marcopay to participate in Milione

Download Marcopay wallet about and generate the address.

Click “Discovery”, open the “Milione” Dapp, and start mining.