MAP Protocol Weekly Report #38 (September 7th— September 13th)

I. Team Update

On September 7th, the winner list for the latest community event King of the Community(Sep 6th) was released. Three of the most active community members won 100, 80, and 30 $MAP respectively. We will host the King of the Community event every Sunday from now on.

Last week, MAP Protocol Korean community hosed 2 Live Quiz events in their Kakao group, few lucky winners won the Starbucks coffee coupon and enjoyed the fresh in the hot summer.

Come and check out MAP Protocol’s GitHub for the full code.

II. Community & Marketing (Sep 7th — Sep 13th)

Media Channels: 122,778

  • Twitter Followers: 53,212
  • Telegram Channel: 69,566

Communities: 81,781

  • English Community: 71,772
  • Russian Community: 2,748
  • Indonesian Community: 1,900
  • Turkish Community: 1,418
  • Vietnamese Community: 811
  • Korean Community: 3,132


  • Commits: 551
  • Star: 11
  • Fork: 7

III. Technical Development

MAP Protocol APP:

completes the related configuration tasks of the PoC1 testnet

  • Added a list of validators for the genesis block of the PoC1 testnet
  • Added startup commands and parameters configuration for the PoC1 testnet to the APP
  • P2P Network: added the BootNode node for the PoC1 network, and users can join the testnet with the default parameters

· MAP Protocol Twitter and Telegram Channel (For the latest news)

·MAP Protocol Telegram Community: English, Россия, Türkiye, Việt Nam, Brazil, and Indonesia; Korean Kakao Community: 코리아

· MAP Protocol Medium (For the latest articles)

· MAP Protocol WhitePaper, and Roadmap

· MAP Protocol GitHub (For the complete codes)

For more information, visit



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