MarcoPolo Bi-Weekly Report #9 2020/2/1–2020/2/20

The MarcoPolo Protocol (MAP) is a new peer-to-peer electronic cash system infrastructure that is strategically invested by Softbank. It aims to achieve public chain TPS sharing and intelligent scheduling through multiple public chains and enable the peer-to-peer cash system to enjoy the unlimited expansion of TPS and optimal GAS fees among the entire blockchain network.

Depends on the completion of the Gravity module, developers around the world can design and implement a peer-to-peer cross-chain payment application. A large number of merchants from Southeast Asia, East Asia, and North America will be linked to this network and will be open to all digital assets.

Technical progress:
1. Development progress of poc-0 of Marcopolo protocol, mainly:
· add RPC interface;
· structuring the transaction and adjusting the transaction packaging algorithm;
· for code, please refer to GitHub: protocol/marcopolo;
2. Research progress of Marcopolo protocol: design the setting weight and update mechanism of each asset in the consensus of apos;

Product progress:
1. Improve the global access speed of POB, so that users can participate in POB more quickly and conveniently;
2. BD end merchants settled in and developed and launched online so that each place can expand merchants more easily;
3. Connect with OTC businesses and provide tools for users around the world to participate;
4. The push system is online, and the winning information can be pushed to the winner for each POB prize;
5. Connect marketing tools and promote Marcopay from multiple perspectives;

Community activities:
1. “Flash to map equivalent to $200 to get 15% bonus”
In order to let users experience flash function more, the activity of “flash $200 equivalent map, you can get 15% bonus” is carried out. For this activity, we provided a 5000usdt share for users to participate.
The activity lasted less than 2 days, and all the shares were sold. There were 18 people participating in the activity.
There are also many users who have provided a lot of effective suggestions for the flash function, which will run more smoothly and conveniently after upgrading.

2. Marcopolo protocol related articles publicity activities
An activity of “publishing articles related to Marcopolo protocol” was held in the Korean community, with 154 participants and 271 articles.

3, “download Marcopay, invite friends to receive 20000000 POBC free of charge”
The activity lasted for a week, in which more than 1000 people from Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, and other countries took part;




The Omnichain Network for An Interoperable Web3

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MAP Protocol

MAP Protocol

The Omnichain Network for An Interoperable Web3

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