MarcoPolo Protocol Weekly Report #14 (Mar 23rd — Mar 29th)

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3 min readMar 30, 2020


Highlight: MAP deposit and withdrawal services reopened on Kucoin Exchange

I. Team Update

On March 26th, MarcoPolo Protocol Turkish and Korean Airdrop activity ended. The event drew attention from local media, more than 10 local channels covered the airdrop activity and around 3K people participated in the event.

On March 24h and 26th, two Fun Quiz community incentives were held in MarcoPolo Protocol Korean Kaokao group, five questions were asked for each quiz and the first two persons who answered each question correctly will win MAP trial fund as rewards. For each quiz, a total of 10 people would be received MAP trial fund.

On March 25th, MAP deposit and withdrawal services reopened on Kucoin Exchange, people can trade MAP on Kucoin now.

Trade MAP:

II. Community & Marketing

Media Channels: 184,811 (-0.45%)

Twitter Followers: 58,739

Telegram Channel: 126,072

Communities: 148,052 (-0.57%)

English Community: 133,621

Russian Community: 5,732

Indonesian Community: 3,107

Turkish Community: 2,348

Vietnamese Community: 924

Korean Community: 2,320

III. Technical Development

Mainnet Update:

  • Added state management module to manage account balance and nonce, etc., and cooperate with mapTree to realize state storage
  • Added RPC interfaces such as block and header to support sending transactions via RPC
  • Added tx process module to implement block transaction execution and packaging and gas allocation
  • Added tx pool module to add, verify, and sort transactions
  • Added unified error handling modules and refactored error handling for each module
  • Add CLI private key import, private key Hex conversion, and account management functions
  • Improved the block structure, transaction structure, and related signature verification
  • Tested the overall process and released MAP v0.0.1;

MarcoPay Update

  • Marcopay Android: tested three rounds of pressure and compatibility tests, and has made detailed adjustments to interactive pages
  • BTC node synchronization
  • Optimized ETH and TRUE balance query, the speed increased by 100 times
  • Completed sign-in feature; ready do launce
  • Web Wallet development: 80%

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